Metaphysically Speaking

Metaphysically Speaking

A Metaphysical Approach to Life's Choices and Changes

Motivational Speaker:  Rebecca Gutierrez, Metaphysician

Rebecca Gutierrez has studied metaphysics since 1986 after making some major changes in her life.  The goal was to create more clarity and purpose to life and make it “work”. 

After 18 years at a local phone company, she took an early retirement to test her newfound beliefs and to create the kind of store she was looking for.  Creating a metaphysical retail establishment in 1991, she was able to set a stage to test and honor her beliefs.  She met the best of people as customers, lecturers, teachers and vendors.  She met so many different people practicing numerous beliefs, philosophies and standing up for who they were, it increased her knowledge base.   She met the business community.  She became closer to her own family who weren’t quite sure when she left a very good salary and job to follow her heart.  They were there to support the store for the opening and throughout the years.

At Look Within, there were many self development classes offering many modalaties of understanding , books of all types, beautiful music, a rear classroom for lectures and even a Spiritualist Church on Sundays for those interested.  It was a meeting place where you could drop your guard and entertain your curiosity.  The store was created to help the individual find their way; to encourage them on their journey, whatever it was for them.

 In 1997, she closed the store to once again fine-tune her life to reach a higher understanding of what she was learning.  She said goodbye to many friends who has begun to establish their own niche in the world and be firmly who they were.

After Look Within Bookstore in Arcadia, California, she continued to attend events, churches, classes, bookstores and retail stores tailoring to the metaphysical community.  She especially loved to read inspirational books and attend spiritual gatherings.

Once again finding herself in a telecommunications job, she blended the best of both worlds to reach the balance so much required during these changing times.

It is now time to step out again to meet others who are looking for the balance in the world, or for those trying to make sense of the many changes.

With Metaphysically Speaking, Rebecca Gutierrez is claiming her position as a motivational speaker to share inspirational themes, communion with others looking for a new perspective or to meet new friends.


From Rebecca Gutierrez:


No one can (except for the very young) deny that there is something going on that is unprecedented in history and our current lives.  For the world, the changes are being broadcast at a phenomenal speed and without a firm understanding why, it can create chaos and fear.

At a glance, the world is not the same nor will it be allowed to continue the way it has in the past.  Each of us is being put in a position to recognize this, each in our own time and way.  Looking the other way doesn’t work.

 It is important that we stand firm together.  This is not a time of fear but of such self awareness that it will propel us to truly be the people we are meant to be.  It is time to step into the knowledge that we are one.  Nothing can be done to one person without affecting yourself.

There is much to remember together; walk with me.

This is a magnificent time to behold; if you would allow yourself to remove the fear, sit quietly and feel the shift in perspective; this is a powerful, pivotal time of change.  A change we have been requesting; it is time to step forward.

You are not alone.