Community Group forming in San Gabriel Valley IONS

Community Group forming in San Gabriel Valley

IONS - Institute of Noetic Sciences


What can I do to help catalyze the awakening of a global consciousness that will
support the shift that we all know needs to happen and soon?

Perhaps this is the question that has brought you to these pages – it is certainly the
question that we, at IONS, embrace. And, we are committed to supporting and
nurturing a worldwide network of Community Groups where, as our founder Edgar
Mitchell says, good ideas begin.

It is a new group forming to help understand what is involved in creating a safe
space to explore all ideas: spiritual, scientific and noetic on a community level. The four
quadrants for study and understanding that form the basis of the IONS organization
today and that address this all-important question are:

1. Direct, noetic experiences such as spiritual transformations
2. Scientific support and evidence through research
3. Educational outreach through programs such as Worldview Explorations, Living
Deeply, and Conscious Aging
4. Collective engagement and building community through Community Groups

One of the visions of IONS includes an increasingly engaged, creative and global
community of members and colleagues who are committed to helping catalyze the
awakening and shift of global consciousness.

The IONS Community Group Network was formed organically, and has continued to
grow as a manifestation of global community of like-minded yet diverse individuals.
Bringing together members with similar interests creates a safe space for discussion of
the noetic sciences worldwide.

Joining or starting a local Community Group is a wonderful way to become part of this
worldwide community. Listening to and telling our life stories, developing better ways to
dialogue and learning and accessing our collective wisdom are but a few of the benefits
we receive when we start or join a Community Group.

As an IONS Community Group, you will become part of a network that stretches around
the world. Within this network are a wide variety of groups. Many are small groups that
meet regularly in members’ homes to dialogue about “questions that matter,” and this is
where almost every Community Group in IONS started, no matter how large or diverse it
has become.


Edgar Mitchell said when he returned from the Apollo 14 mission, having experienced
the wonder of “earthrise,” that he got together “with a few friends” to talk about what has
since become the incredible organization we know as IONS. He has said many times
that is how good ideas begin - gathering with a few friends. What an endorsement for
the concept of Community Groups!

Our President and CEO, Dr. Cassandra Vieten,
has identified four pillars of IONS:


Community Groups are acknowledged as being one of the fundamental
parts of IONS.

Although independent organizations, IONS Community Groups are asked to agree to
represent the mission and vision of the Institute of Noetic Sciences accurately in all
written, verbal and electronic communication.


Meeting in community and fostering shared discussions on the transformational, philosophical, and spiritual
aspects of consciousness can take many forms.


To support individual and collective transformation through consciousness research,
educational outreach and engaging a global learning community in the realization of our
human potential.

And, from the IONS Vision statement:
Help birth a new worldview that recognizes our basic interconnectedness and
interdependence and promotes the flourishing of life in all its magnificent forms.

If interested in participating, please send an email to Rebecca Gutierrez at

Thank you!