A Perspective to share


From the onset, you could see that I am older; a senior citizen now.

I dye (or they say “color” ) my hair because I absolutely feel white/grey hair is not becoming on a woman. Time will change that perspective for me.

I wear sensible shoes, warm clothing and cover the sagging skin on my arms and throat.

I am quick witted, sarcastic at times, and wise in my old age.

Yet with this age comes wisdom, experience, history, proven methods of survival, and sharing.

Even as I write this, I am proud of what I have accomplished, how I overcame odds, how I would say I was successful in my endeavors.  I have had some rough patches doing what I thought was best.  I have been hurt, in more ways that I will ever share, and still manage to smile.

I may be the first to laugh at your pain; only because I have been there too and know that it will also pass and you will or could see the beauty of the experience, if you can see it from another angle, but  this is accomplished only with time and practice, with wisdom.

Have you experienced  that?  For example, you see a sharp, huge rock in the back yard.  It wasn't there before, or at least you didn’t notice it.  Your first impression is that the object could be a nuisance, a safety hazard. You are annoyed.  Now you have to take the time to carry it or move it with a shovel to the trash or get rid of it.

Suddenly the clouds open up and a shot of sunlight hits the rock.  From this vantage point, you see the rainbow colors of the stone, its angles, its form.  It has a solid presence about it; a purpose.

You are not sure if it was always there or just got placed there, yet walking around it you now notice it is a beautiful stone, that now you get to move it to a safer place in your garden to appreciate it. It’s yours. A gift, after all.  (But just a few moments ago, you didn’t see it that way.)

I do laugh a lot.  I do see the humor in life.  I do see that everything happens for a reason.  You may not appreciate it at the time, but with time & maturity, you can see the value, the wisdom of the event, and most importantly, how you created it for your viewing pleasure (more on that later).

I am a public speaker and it is with the many stories that I pull from my life that I share to make a point.  I have so many stories, adventures, hurts, disappointments, failures and triumphs so that I  show you another way to look at it. Or not.

And I see things from a different angle, a metaphysical perspective which has helped me to survive, to thrive in the midst of an ever-changing world, a chaotic world at times.

It is with understanding, surviving pain that comedians can make you laugh, appreciate and see life from a different viewpoint. Because if you can laugh at yourself, you can laugh with others.

It took me many, many years, hurts and tears, and humor (a survivor technique) to see life as the beauty that it is.  

And laugher make the world a friendlier place.

Rebecca Gutierrez 2/19/2017; edited 7/4/2017